More than 40 years experience with elastomers and polymers has resulted in the research & development of a range of pressure relieving products using the latest visco elastic materials.
Visco elastic polymers, developed originally for manned space flight, have been modified to create a resting surface giving maximum pressure relief for patients when lying down, sitting up in bed, or chair bound.
Clinical trials and over 20 years use in busy hospitals have already proven the efficiency and durability of Thermocontour products.
Gently cradling the body as the surface warms through, the polymer reacts to temperature and moulds to the contours of the body.
Thermocontour products present a major advance in preventing the development of pressure ulcers.


Case Study - The Princess Margaret Hospital

Case Study - The Princess Margaret Hospital

"Preventing pressure ulcer incidence and ensuring patient comfort are essential components of providing quality clinical care. The purchase of Thermocontour mattresses has proven successful in a number of areas: it has reduced pressure ulcer incidence, eliminated complaints regarding discomfort, and in particular, has proven extremely cost effective. Coupled with the ease of interface with many types of profiling beds, the Thermocontour mattresses have been an enormously successful purchase at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Moreover, with the length of guarantee in mind, it is envisaged that no further mattress purchasing costs will be incurred for at least another 4 years."


South Tipperary General Hospital

South Tipperary General Hospital

Thermocontour Mattresses were purchased by the Coronary Care Unit six and a half years ago and I am delighted to recommend them as a very effective and economical product.

- Sister Hickey, Coronary Care Sister

St.Thomas’ Hospital

St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK

It is the unanimous opinion of the nursing staff that the Thermocontour mattress is, by a wide margin, the safest, most effective and comfortable unit which they have ever used.

- G T SPENCER, OBE, Honorary Consulting Physician, St Thomas' Hospital

The Highfield Hospital

The Highfield Hospital, Rochdale, UK

We have twelve mattresses in use. Since their introduction I have been able to make considerable savings on the hire of low air loss mattresses and I am within budget for the first time. I have demonstrated that these mattresses are saving me money which I was spending on mattress hire.

- CAROL A BOTTRILL (Mrs), Director of Nursing

Highview House

Highview House, Inverness, UK

This mattress seems to be ideal for use with elderly residents with reduced mobility. Cushions used in conjunction with the mattress would be ideal.

- Ola MacRae, Senior Sister - Highview House Inverness

Emily Jackson House

Emily Jackson House, Sevenoaks, UK

It would be a great advantage if every resident could benefit from one of these mattresses, replacing the ordinary home's divan and helping to prevent pressure sores developing.

- Emily Jackson House

Krankenhaus Hennigsdorf

Krankenhaus Hennigsdorf, Germany

Since November 21 patients have been put on the Thermocontour (mattress).
90% of the patients are over 65 years old. The mattresses are used for anti-decubitus (prevention).
Patients varied from those absolutely immobile, those in surgical trauma, those with neck of femur fractures, and those for long term care.
The Thermocontour anti-decubitus mattress was effective as a preventive measure in all (these) cases.

- Krankenhaus Hennigsdorf

Clinique Saint-Martin

Clinique Saint-Martin, Cedex, France

Patient installé sur le matelas au retour du bloc. Les dimensions sont correctes. Ce patient à son arrivée avait un état cutané impeccable. Aucune lésion par contre sa pathologie nécessitant une moblisation active pour changer les zones de contact.

- Service Chir.Iii Orthopedie, Clinique Saint-Martin

Martini Nuovo Hospital

Martini Nuovo Hospital, Italy

This patient was an 87 years old female (Norton 5 / Waterlow 37) with more lesions and an infected one (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) on the left buttock. We used Thermocontour for 6 months. The infection was rooted out using antibiotic systemic therapy within 3 weeks and no more occurred.

- R.Cassino, E.Ricci, A.Carusone, A.Mercanti, Camillo Golgi

Kitazato Higashi Hospital

Kitazato Higashi Hospital - Japan

"Clinical staff Yasumi Matsubara and Mikiko Kawamura at Kitazato Higashi Hospital carried out a survey for comfort and patient handling on Thermocontour mattress for 7 days. 10 cancer patients in age group 61 to 82 were tended 69 times by nurses in that time. No patient developed a pressure ulcer, the patients felt secure and comfortable compared to the previous mattresses used. Patients could be easily put to bed, and getting out of bed proved easy due to the firm edge. Hospital staff commented that the Thermocontour mattress has a higher level of stability while not restricting individual movement which could prevent pressure ulcers."

St. Vincents Consultants

St. Vincents Consultants, Dublin, Ireland

We do indeed find the Thermocontour Leg Supports excellent. They are really one of a very few of the effective measures for preventing heel ulceration and for encouraging healing of heel ulceration. They are my first choice and we have been very pleased with the outcome of their use.

- Denis Mehigan MCh FRCSI FRCSEd, Vascular and General Surgeon


Our clients speak very highly of our products and the benefits that can be achieved through the use of them in hospitals to prevent and help reduce pressure sores.

A selection of our users

• Agaplesion Bethesda Krankenhaus - Wuppertal - Germany • BMI Group - UK • Centre Naval Brest - France • Cheltenham Hospitals NHS Trust - UK • Derby Royal Infirmary - UK • East Gloucestershire NHS Trust - UK • Eastbourne Hospitals NHS Trust - UK • Galway University Hospital - Galway - Eire • Hill Rom Iberia SL - Spain • Hill Rom BV - Netherlands • Impact Medical Services Est - Saudi Arabia • London Heart Hospital - UK • London Heart Hospital - UK • Marien Hospital Stuttgart - Germany • Nagoya University Hospital - Japan • Niguarda Hospital, Milan - Italy • Nishijin Hospital Kyoto - Japan • Nuffield Hospitals - UK • Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital - Drogheda - Eire • Portiuncula Hospital - Galway - Eire • Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham - UK • Red Cross Hospitals - Japan • Rockingham Forest NHS Trust Northants - UK • Royal Bournemouth Christchurch NHS Trust - UK • St. Finbarr's Hospital - Cork - Eire • St. James' Hospital - Dublin - Eire • St. Vincent's Hospital - Dublin - Eire • Universitatsklinikum Freiburg Mobeleinrichtungszentrum - Germany



British Journal of Nursing

Patients with Waterlow scores under 25 did not develop pressure sores on the mattress

Sylvie Hampton Eastbourne Hospital

British Journal of Nursing Report

Nursing & Residential Care

The purchase of Thermocontour® mattresses since 1996 has:

reduced pressure ulcer prevalence to less than 1% eliminated complaints regarding discomfort proven extremely cost effective.

Coupled with the ease of interface with many types of profiling beds, the Thermocontour® mattresses have been an enormously successful purchase with the 8 year guarantee in mind, no further purchasing costs will be incurred for at least another 4 years.

Jennie Bevington, Princess Margaret Hospital BMI, Windsor

Nursing And Residential Care Report